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A turn of the century dwelling, the residence,  within a conservation area, not listed, provided the opportunity to convert the existing conservatory with a two storey rear/side extension, in keeping with the building style.    The change to the exterior gave added character allowing the addition of a bedroom at first floor level, greater intrerior space at ground, all worked through with the client.   Building work was mainly around amending the roof, without any major structural work.



Built 1790, the now residence, sits within a conservation area, and at time of works, was not listed, giving the opportunity to convert the roof space for additional accommodation.    The only change to the exterior was the addition of the dormer, allowing the staircase to access the space, above the existing ground to first stairs.   The intreriors were again worked with the client, and was built installing an engineered steel frame, as the existing structure proved to be insufficient.

North standon

West Berkshire

Refurbishment and extension to a private house, listed structure.  proposed to provide an eco structure to the living quarters, with further proposals to enclose the existing outdoor swimming pool, linking to the pavillion.   Works to start in the future, hence no final images.

the old bakery


New rear extension to a Grade II listed structure, were full approved was gained.  The dwelling was also used for TV programmes, mainly for exterior shots, as it sits in a village within the Chilterns, North west of London. 



Conversion of a typical London terrace dwelling, into two apartments, south west of London.  The two apartments with the upper unit  provided with added accommodation within the roof space, both were planned with space in mind, for the young commuters, living and working on London.  Again all the interiors worked with the client, in this case subject to costs for its sale.


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