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Initially formed in 1996, from work on numerous small residential projects, over time and working in London on commercial and aviation projects, one specialised in high end residential, hospitality and leisure.    With an artistic ability, restoration work followed, which over time he has specialised in, working with some major crafts people.


Initial experience started with small extensions, refurbishment, new house builds and industrial building around the UK.   Post qualification, work lead to rural and London residential refurbishments, from £2 million to over £300 million properties, and experiences in the Hospitality and leisure sectors in the UK and overseas.    All projects either managed office based or site based.

The Gallery showcases the artistic edge, an ability born with, and developed over years, privately and utilised within architecture, reinforcing my 3D abilities.    Drawing people to reproducing forgotten building, developed from maps and old photographs, all generated onto computer aided images and models to artwork, through various commissions.      Building models of structures for exhibitions, continuing carpentry skills, learnt from a carpenter father, now designing and building furniture, generated initially working with his father, all from working on building extensions to models. ​


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pedr williams

BSc(Hons) Arch'Post'Grad'Dip' ARB RIBA

In 1994 Pedr qualified as a Chartered Architect, prior to studying he initially worked as an architectural technician and site work from building roads to buildings, gaining hands on experience.   

After studying in London,  Pedr working for over 20 years for established practices gaining experience, initially on commercial, city offices and aviation projects, preferring to specialise on one off high end houses, restoration, refurbishment and new build (eco Homes), including hospitality and Leisure.


Commercial work included City banks, offices, Government HQ's & offices, to refurbishment of listed buildings, then working on chain and high end hotels, along with various leisure facilities, gyms to health clubs.  Residential high end projects, in 2017 Pedr was contracted to work on London's first super mansion, a £300 million plus property. 

In recent years whilst working in London, Pedr always commuted to his family home in Wales, caring for his elderly parents.    As an active athlete all his life, coached as a middle distance runner and triathlete, a multiple ironman, distance and adventure racer, competing in the UK and around the world.    In early 2020 without no warning he became seriously ill, spending 12 months in hospital suffering two nearly death events.   In 2022 having also lost both his parents and without work, found himself on the road to recovery, he bet his surgeon, he would enter an ironman again, and is working at it.    His time in hospital and during recovery, Pedr pondered his career and decided to compete the life long goal, to be independent and run the chartered practice.

As stated above in practice, wdpk architects initially setup a practice in 1996, providing advice and drawings for small projects, adding to Pedr diversity of architectural skills, whilst gaining experience.    Seeing the practices he'd worked for, as a vehicle to work on projects, close to his heart, and gain experience, work involving design, detailing, project management, to developing sustainable dwellings, it's now the goal of building a successful practice.


Commitment from all


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Our aim is always to build creative and sustainable buildings, including integrating the existing, through cumulative and innovation, a perpetual task.     It’s now more than ever, the importance to utilise the already technological advances and continued research, to building and finding new ways to building, for a better future.


“The building grows out of the landscape, as naturally as any plant.  Its relationship to the site is so unique that it would be out of place elsewhere”.   Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect


Building has an enormous impact on the environment, the construction industry being a large contributor to the impact of Co2 emissions on the atmosphere.   As were all starting see the effects of climate change and its consequences, resulting from human’s development on the planet.    The damage humans have done and are still unaware of what is being done, presents and will continue to widely inflict climate effects.


It’s now we need to work to rectify and challenge emerging issues, the target being to vanquish the damage, and learn from the mistakes, but such progress is and will be slow.    We are now working with complete committal where possible, from inception to create sustainable buildings, appreciating cost the dominate factor, the environment must now be our first concern.

As we evolve, working to infuse minimal impact on the environment, we will want operate leading by example, practicing in a self-sufficient structure, so to reflects our principles.    


We as a society appear to still backing the environmental figures, who state the planet is now at tipping point, but it's clear is a money generator industry again.  The big organisations are only interested in their profits from going eco, I have stated over the years on this website, to precure action on environmental issues, the real change can only happen if we all forced participate and is continuous, this will only happen when we get to the tipping point, and where not there yet.    As an active adventure racer/triathlete since 1989, I am a senior now, but still race fit; why, constant participation willing to monitor my diet, to training, this has had positive effective on me and my health, whilst watching and observing over time to the damage humans have impacted on our oceans, rivers and land, business greed has not considered the long  term contamination effect, as still doesn't, money is destroying life, legislation will not stop this.   In the last year, we have see the biggest legal fine on a pharmaceutical company (Pfizer), 2.3 billion, it's nothing compared to the hundreds of billions they have made, it's the same storey with all large companies.   Protest was and is still futile, unless as stated above, we all change, so action was focused over the years by studying and experiencing the ecological life communities in Wales, Scotland & worldwide, and research at the Alternative Technologies bodies.

In the last few years a virus life threatening worldwide, e.g. human movement has been restricted, and it's all a lie, the legal claims on vaccines is growing, the threat of another pandemic is listed, not taken one vaccine myself, as a sovereign person, I question the the way we live as it has affected many.   It's clear the climate has not had a break, and post pandemic, and I stated humans in early 2020, no one listed, but soon as the pandemic was over, what did they do, mix, and now mix more than before, do humans learn from their mistakes? and they don't like the truth.   Not initially recognised, we will in time, see its evidence from adaption in restriction, highlighted on the BBC news, note electric cars, great idea, but the carbon output in the production of the battery alone, let alone the manufacture of the car is extremely high, plus, the grid can't cope with the power needed for buildings and life.   Take note, now the USA is already restricting power to electric cars, do humans learn, no, the date for change to electric cars is being moved back, COPS 23, another grand promise?.  In greater facilitation of locally sourced materials, a regulative requirement to “Code for Sustainable Homes”, having built two code 5 houses, change will be and is slow, 'you can't solve the world's problems, it's to big', a great person said once.


From point of origin, the cultivation, manufacture and transport in the use of wood, seen as the most suitable environmental material.    Mass produce of this material and other natural materials, has environmental implications, not being addressed, respecting whatever humans do, has an impact.    

Structing this statement, experience and research clearly projects we all are committed to being environmental, but at what cost?    Honesty with ourselves, what damage are we doing to get materials to the ways we wish them to perform, as money dominates our way of life, whatever we think.  If where going to make commitments, the method must also change for this better future.


Perhaps now humans will learn to greater appreciate to implementing ways of low impact living on the environment, from the manufacture and use of materials to wastage.   As we are working to achieve, and will encourage our clients to adopt such principles.

Published 2024

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a. Intro


    (i) This policy clearly states from the start, words 'wdpk', 'we', 'our' or 'us' 

        are all directed to wdpk architects ltd (wdpk), and to no other company,

        refer to section J below for details.

   (ii) wdpk will safeguard the privacy of its website visitors and/or/ all services

        and associated users.

  (iii) Apply as data controller, the policy applies in respect to all personal data

        from the website visitors & services, all users expose.   Meaning all data

        available we will determine the process by purpose and means that

        personal data is guarded.

  (iv) Where cookies are used now or in the future on our website, those

        cookies are not restricted for the provision of our website, and/or

        services, therefore we ask all to consider the consent on initially

        accessing the site, for the data and on future searches.

b. Personal Data Usage

    (i) General categories for the process of personal data. that may be

        processed are:

   (ii) Categories of all/the data.

  (iii) Purpose for/by which we may process personal data, and/or.

  (iv) Legal bases for the processing:



   (i) We may process data on our website regards your use and services

       'Data Usage', this may include one's IP address, geographic location,

       website, navigation routes, version of operating system, browser type,

       length of visit & pages visited.   All this will provide information as to

       time, frequency and of services used.    Source to the above may be

       google analytics, where data usage may or can be processed for the

       purpose of analysis on the website & services.   The legal basis of this

       process concerns consent or legitimate all interests regards monitoring

       and improving the website & services.

  (ii) wdpk may process your data, meaning 'Account data' so for the

       purposes of operating our website, providing our services, to ensure the         security of our website & services, and maintain backup of all data bases,         including communication with all parties.  The legality of this is legitimate

       and for consent interests, so to properly administrate all data with our

       business, and on our website.

 (iii) wdpk may process personal data you provide in the course of usage of

       our services, call 'Service Data' where data may be used for the purpose

       of operating our website, this means and ensures the security of our

       website & services.   All backups are maintained on the data base, and

       communication with the relevant parties.   The legality of this is

       legitimate and/or for consent in processing and interests, to properly use

       and implement on our website & services.

 (iv) wdpk may process and use information you put in publications on our

       website, including any through our services, so called 'Publication Data'. 

       This information may be processed/used for operating our website,

       providing services to ensure the security of our website & services.    All

       backups are  maintained on the data base and communications with               relevant parties.   The legality of this is legitimate and/or for consent in

       processing and interests to properly use and implement on our website

       & services.

  (v) wdpk may process information contained in any enquiries you submit to

       us, concerning all services and/or goods, so called 'Enquiry Data'. 

       Such data may be and can be processed for the function of marketing,

       selling or offering related/relevant services and/or goods.    The legality

       of this is legitimate and for consent in processing.  

  (vi) wdpk may process information related to our customer relationships,

       including contact information, named 'Customer Relationship Data'.     

       Such data may be procured for the purposes of managing our

       relationships with customers and communicating with customers.   The

       legality of this is legitimate and/or for consent in processing and

       interests, to properly use and implement on our website & services.

 (vii) wdpk may process information related to transactions, this includes

       purchases of services and goods, you enter into with us, and/or via our

       website, all called 'Transaction Data'.   The legal basis to this is to

       process for the performance of any contract between you and us,

       including taking steps on/at your request.   Entering into such contract(s)

       and/or our legitimate interests, correctly administrating all actions in our

       business, services and on our website.

(viii) wdpk may process information you provide to us for the purpose of

       subscribing to email notifications and/or news letters, called 'Notification

       Data', all data obtained this way may be processed for the purpose of

       sending you relevant notifications and an news letters.   The basis of this

       is legal in processing the consent and/or the performance of a contract

       between you and us, and/or undertaking steps to your request, so to

       enter into such a contract.

  (ix) wdpk may process information containing or relating to any

       communications that you send to us, so called 'Correspondence Data',

       such data may be processed for the purposes of communication with you

       and/or associated parties, for keeping records.   The legality of this is

       legitimate and/or for consent in processing and interests, to properly use

       and implement on our website, and our business in communications with

       all users.

  (x) Additional to all specific purposes for which wdpk may process or

       procure, your and any personal data set out in 'Section b', such data may

       also be processed where such actions is necessary for compliance with a

       legal obligation, to which we are subject to/or in order to protect your

       virtual interests, or in order to protect virtual interests or such interests of

       another natural individual.

  (xi) Please do not supply any other person(s) personal data to us, unless

       prompted to do so.

c. Personal data to/for others.

   (i) wdpk may disclose personal data to any member of our business

       interests, this includes any subsidiaries & formed company(s), as far as it

       is necessary for the purpose of the business, and to the legal structure

       set out in this document.

  (ii) wdpk may disclose personal data to the business insurers and/or

       professional advisors as far as reasonably necessary, for the purposes of

       obtaining or maintaining insurance for managing the risk(s), coverage for 

       such works.  Professional advice in the establishment, exercise and/or

       defence of any legal claims.   Whether in an administrative capacity, in or

       out of court proceedings, or actual court action.

  (iii) With reference to all personal data disclosures set out in 'Section c',

       wdpk may disclose this data were deemed necessary for compliance with

       a legal obligation, which we/us will be subject to, or in order to protect

       all virtual interests of other natural person(s).   We may disclose your

       personal data where such disclosure is required or necessary to establish

       exercise and/or defence of any legal claims.   Whether in an

       administrative capacity, in or out of court proceedings, or actual court



d. Holding & deletion of personal data.


   (i) This section (d) sets out our data retention policies & procedures, all

       designed to assist in ensuring wdpk complies with all legal obligations in

       relation to the retention and deletion of all personal data.

  (ii) All personal data we procure for any purpose or action(s), shall not be

       kept for any longer than is necessary for the purpose or specific purpose.

 (iii) Your personal data will be retained electronically only for as long as

       deemed necessary, to fulfil the purposes for which the data is

       intended/collected, or held as required by law.

  (iv) Without and considering the points in this section (d), wdpk may retain

       all personal data where such retention is deemed necessary of

       compliance with any legal obligation(s), which we are subject to, or in

       order to protect all virtual interests of another natural person(s).


e. Transfer of personal data internationally.


   (i) All knowledge meaning your personal data submitted by you for

       publication through wdpk website or services, may be available via the

       internet anywhere in the world.   We cannot prevent the use, or any mis-

       use of personal data by others.


f. Amendments of data.


   (i) wdpk will update this policy annually, subject to published updates or

       legal amendments, which will be dated on our website.

  (ii) Reference point (i) above, all parties should occasionally check wdpk

       website to ensure all changes to this policy meet with your/their


 (iii) All major changes to this policy in reference to points (i), (ii), all parties

       will be notified and such changes will be clearly indicated on this policy.


g. Rights of individuals.


   (i) This section highlights the rights you have under the 'Data Protection Act

       1998 & 2003'.   The rights appear complex, and not all give a detailed or 

       presented in this statement.   Therefore, you should study the relevant

       guidance & laws on the regulative authority documents, for a more

       detailed explanation of all rights.   Below are some of your rights under

       the above act:

       (1). Right to withdraw consent.

       (2). Right to complain to a supervisory authority, in association to item (1).

       (3). Right to object to processing.

       (4). Right to restrict processing.

       (5). Right to data processing.

       (6). Right to access.

       (7). Right to rectification.

       (8). Right to erasure.

  (ii) You have the right to confirmation as to whether or not, wdpk process

       your personal data and/or where we do have access to your personal 

       data, and this includes additional information.  Such additional

       information will include details of the purpose of the processing, the

       categories of personal data concerned, and the recipients of the

       personal data.   All providing the  rights & freedoms of others, which are

       not affected, and we will supply to you a copy of the personal data.  The

       first copy will be provided free of charge, any additional copies will be

       subject to an appropriate fee.

  (ii) Any inaccurate personal data, you the right to have rectified, taking into

       account the purposes of the processing, and have incomplete personal

       data on you amended and completed.

 (iii) In certain circumstances you have the right to erasure of your personal

       data without any delay.  Such circumstances include personal data that is

       no longer necessary, in respect/relation to the purposes for which it is

       collected, or in other ways processed.   You can withdraw consent, to

       consent based processing, or you can object to the processing under

       certain rules of applicable data, under the 'Data Protection Act'. 

       Processing is for direct marketing purposes, and/or the personal data has

       been unlawfully processed.   Note. there are exclusions of the rights to

       erasure, generally exclusions include, all for compliance with legal

       obligation, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

  (iv) Restriction: you have the right to, in some circumstances on the

       processing of your personal data or with hold these circumstances which

       are, contest the accuracy of the personal data, processing is lawful,

       however you oppose erasure, or we no longer need the personal data for

       the purpose(s) of our processing.   You will require personal data for the

       purpose(s) of our processing, but you require personal data for the

       establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims, and if you have

       objected to processing, pending verification of that objection.  We can

       restrict processing or when it is on this basis, we may continue to store

       your personal data.   Note. we will only otherwise process data, with your

       consent, for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims, for

       the protection of the rights of another natural or legal person, or for       

       reasons of important public interest.

   (v) The right to object: you have the right to our processing of your

       personal data on grounds related to your particular situation, but only on

       the grounds to extent that a legal basis for the processing is necessary

       for, if the performance of a task carried out in the public interest, or in the

       exercise of any official authority vested in all of us.    Or the purpose(s) of

       the legitimate interests pursued by us or by a third party(s).   If such an

       objection is made, we shall cease to process the personal data, unless

       we can or it can be demonstrated compelling legitimate grounds for the

       processing that overrides your interests, rights & freedoms, or the

       processing is for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

 (vi) You have the right to object to how we process your personal data for

       direct marketing purposes, which also addresses the profile of direct

       marketing purposes.    If you make such an objection, we will cease to

       process your personal data for this purpose.

  (vi) You also have the right to object to our processing of your personal data

       for scientific or historical research purposes, or statistical purposes on

       grounds relating to your particular situation, unless the processing is

       necessary for the performance of a task carried out for reasons of public


 (vii) All the content that the legal basis for our processing of your personal

       data will be:

 (1). Consent/or.

 (2). The processing is necessary for the performance of a contract which you

       are party too, or in  order to take steps at your request prior to entering

       into a contract, and such processing is carried out by automated means.         You have the right receive your personal data from us in a structured,

       generally used and machine read format.    Note. this right does not

       apply to where it would adversely affect the rights & freedoms of others.

 (3). Should you consider our processing of your personal information

       infringes data protection rights, you have the legal right to lodge a

       complaint with a supervisory authority responsible for data protection. 

       You also as an EU member state, your place of work or place of alleged

       infringement has rights.

 (4). The extent that the legal basis for our processing of your personal

       information is consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at

       any time.   Withdrawal, will not affect the legal stance of processing

       before the withdrawal.

 (5). You can exercise any of your rights in relation to your personal data, in

       writing, giving notice to wdpk.


h. Cookies.


   (i) Cookies are files containing an identifier, set up on letters & numbers

       which is sent through the server to a web browser, and then stored by the

       browser.  Any cookies (identifier) are then sent back to the server each

       time, the browser then requests a page from the server.

  (ii) Cookies: their actions are either what you term persistent or session

       types, persistent cookie will be stored on the web browser, and will

       remain valid until it expiry date, or deleted by the user.   A session cookie

       will expire at the end of the user session, and when the browser is shut


 (iii) The cookie(s) do not typically contain any information that can potentially

       identify the user, however, personal information that we store about you

       may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies, so

       please be aware.


h2.  Cookies used by our service providers

  (iv) Any service provider uses cookies, as they may be stored on your

       computer when visiting our website, this can affect operations to our


   (v) wdpk analysis the use of our website, with the relevant organisations, as

       companies like Google etc gather information on our website activities,

       via cookies, this information is gathered, which creates reports on our

       usage.   Therefore, we analysis all data for purposes, as we are unable to

       determine an personal information form such companies.

h3.  Management of cookies.

 (vi) Nearly all browsers allow you to refuse or accept cookies, and to delete

       cookies, and the method varies on all browsers, and the versions on the

       web pages.   One should obtain up to date information regards blocking

       cookies, through the relevant links.


Company information/details:


  (a). The registered owner of wdpk architects limited is:

        'Mr Peter (Pedr) Williams'.

  (b). Registered in England & Wales, company  registration no. 06659266.

        Registered Office: Orchard Business Centre, Tugby, Lecis', LE7 9EE.

  (c). The website is solely owned and operated by wdpk architects limited.

  (d). Contact details an be accessed from the website & media links, full

        contact details subject to commission.  ​​ 

  Published 2024

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