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London, UK

Working on the renovation, alteration and extensions to a London Town house, situated in one of the most desirable areas of London.  Purchased by the client some years back, now wanting to totally modernise, the brief is to update, retaining the original character to the old structure, whilst alterations will adding modern works and extensions, to provide added space and cater for their business and living needs, including a pool and gym facilities. 


A listed property, wdpk is currently detailing, with works intended to start later this year.   


Surrey, UK

Commissioned in 2023 to totally alter an existing property, making it an advanced modern home for an international client, currently living in the United States.    The property is situated in one of the most desirable areas to live in the southeast of England.   It was purchased by the client as a base for their business whilst visiting and entertaining their clients here in the UK and Europe.

The original brief was to create a modern high tech environment, retaining a memory of the existing, whilst catering for business and living.  The project named 'Reflect & Dissect' to encompass the vision of the owner, the project is now progressing, with a generous budget, the design is now finalised, stages A to C of plan of works complete, stage D is now underway.


The build phase of the project is planned to start in 2024, wdpk architects will project manage the works, whilst the client is out of the UK.    The client chose wdpk architects for their extensive experience in modernising older and larger properties, and working with international clients. 


Having worked with numerous high end house clients, building a strong reputation, wdpk architects has also worked with numerous overseas clients, who live outside the UK, whilst have a UK property or abroad, needin modernising or developing.    Please contact wdpk architects if you have a project of a similar nature.


West Sussex

Full design and construction to a barn conversion, retaining many of is features, intergrating old and new linked to two old farm houses previously built together to form a private dwelling, partly connected to the barn. 


South Wales

Design proposal, gaining full planning approval for a five bedroom eco house, in Wales.    The land was generated by the removal of the existing bungalow, represented by the artwork on the above drawings, the proposal doubling the scale of dwelling on the site.



Full design and build to a new dwelling, with pool, and part conversion of an old utility building.   Design included the interiors, all co-ordinated with the client, developed from life long connection with Greek architect/friend.


South Wales

Restoration/New Build proposals;  work carried out to restore and regenerate an existing property.   The detailing will provide a challenge to develop energy efficiency to this existing structure, with the intent to create/gain a passive house grade.

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